The capitol

The legendary Capitol Theatre returns as an epic new residence.  Retaining the original marquee facade, this midtown Toronto landmark builds on its iconic heritage. With a 24 hour Concierge and amenities that are second to none, look no further for Toronto’s next exclusive condominium. Do not hesitate to contact me today for an introduction to TheContinue reading “The capitol”

Vincent Condominiums by Rosehaven Homes, Townwood Homes and Guglietti Brothers Investments

Vincent Condominiums have finally arrived at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.  Look no further for a development with hotel inspired amenities that is minutes from the transportation hub of Jane and Highway 7.  Never hesitate to contact me for more information and to learn more about this incredible project.   #Vaughan #VMC #rlpsignature #Vincentcondos @rlpsignature @in2itionrealty

Why Write a Blog? Is a Blog a Waste of Time?

What happened to storytelling, to having a narrative? One Blogger asked this question in a recent post about the direction of blogging. She’d come across a blogger recommending other bloggers attract more readers by offering their readers useful advice: …figure out what our unique niche is and paint ourselves as an authority, offering them somethingContinue reading “Why Write a Blog? Is a Blog a Waste of Time?”

A Simply Questionable Post: Answering Four Questions, Acknowledging One Reality

THE ANSWERING FOUR QUESTIONS PART We’re on staycation again this week, busy morphing a guest bedroom into a reading/yoga room. More on that later. In the meantime here is something I found when I read THIS POST by Martha at Seaside Simplicity. Because of her I know about the Tuesday 4 questions and this weekContinue reading “A Simply Questionable Post: Answering Four Questions, Acknowledging One Reality”

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